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Staff team

Staff team

BRR Staff can be contacted by email –

Beth Wilson – Director (works Tues – Fri)

Alice CutlerWelcome Centre Manager (works Tues – Fri)

Asli Tatliadim – Member Volunteer Coordinator (works Tues – Fri)

Laura ToddBRILL British Life and Language Manager – Maternity Cover (works Tues – Fri)

Tony JaffrayAID Advocacy and Information Desk Manager (works Mon – Fri)

Rosa Potter – AID Administrator (works Thurs and Fri)

Deb Gubbay – ASP Asylum Support Project Coordinator (works Wed – Fri)

Tom Daly VOICE Community Engagement Manager (works Wed – Thurs)

Anna Burness – Early Years Project Development Manager – Maternity Cover (works Tues – Fri)

Ruth Soandro-Jones – Fundraising and Communications Manager (works Tues – Fri)

Sally Jones – Office Manager (works Tues -Thurs)

Finance Manager (works Tues am and Thurs am)