Main Office: 0117 9145480
Advice & Advocacy Referrals: 0117 954 0446

Staff team

Staff team

BRR Staff can be contacted by email –

Beth Wilson – Director (works Mon – Thurs)

Alice Cutler – Welcome Centre Manager & Adult Safeguarding Lead (works Tues – Fri)

Andrew McCarthyDrop-in Manager (usually works Tues-Thurs)

Volunteer Coordinator (maternity cover)

Karen DaviesBritish Life and Language (BRILL) Manager (works Tues – Thurs)

Elinor HarrisAdvice Development Manager (works Tues-Thurs)

Deb GubbayAsylum Support Project (ASP) Worker(usually works Weds-Fri)

Rosa Potter – Casework and Volunteer Coordinator (works Mon – Thurs)

Chloe Woods – Young People’s Project Manager (works Mon-Thurs)

Tom Daly – Young People’s Adviser (works Tues – Thurs)

Clare Peacock – Young People’s Advocate (works Tues & Fri)

Ruth Soandro-Jones – Fundraising and Communications Manager (works Mon – Fri)

Emma Tyler – Administrator (works Thurs, Fri)

Sally Jones – Office Manager (works Tues -Thurs)

Dana Winsor – Finance Officer (works Wed, Thurs)

Anna Burness – Early Years Project Development Manager (works Tues – Fri)

Katalin Ismail –  Early Years Project Deputy Manager

Djedje Ngele – Early Years Project Worker

Afrah Hussein – Early Years Project Worker