Homes for Ukraine

We would encourage anyone considering offering a space in their home to people from Ukraine to consider carefully whether they will be able to provide the support people need for the period needed before offering to do so.

The first step is to apply through the government website.

The government will not be matching British hosts with Ukrainians. Those who are approved as hosts will need to identify the Ukrainians they intend to host, and then the refugees will make a visa application naming their intended hosts.

However, if you don’t know anyone directly that might wish to come here,  there are a number of charities who are asking people to register their interest with them and who can undertake some of the matching process.  We would strongly encourage you to contact these organisations, as this will be the safest way to connect with someone in need.  They include:

  • Sanctuary Foundation – which is running online information events for hosts
  • Refugees at Home – a charity that has experience connecting refugees and hosts online
  • Room for Refugees – a charity that has experience connecting refugees and hosts online
  • Reset UK  – which also has a sponsorship scheme for refugees from other conflicts
  • World Jewish Relief – which runs a number of projects in Ukraine.

More useful resources for interested hosts can be found here, including a Welcome Pack.