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Funding appeal -June/July 2019

Bristol Pride Without Borders (PWB)

. . .an award winning project that supports LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers.  The project has been running for 4 years with a part time manager and a small group of volunteers who glue the group together with laughter and listening skills. It is one of a number of complimentary services offered by Bristol Refugee Rights.  We currently have 30 active members.

“Bristol PWB has given me back my dignity. I have not felt as safe in such a long time.” PWB Member

LGBT+ people face extreme persecution in many countries across the world.  Some LGBT+ people come to the UK to seek asylum only to find they face the same prejudice from their home communities here.  They can also find that some LGBT+ groups in the UK don’t understand the challenges of seeking asylum, as well as facing the ‘hostile environment’ that all asylum seekers face in the current UK system. In addition LGBT+ asylum seekers are much less likely to have family support, good friendship networks and a supportive community around them.

Pride Without Borders meets fortnightly.  We all talk, share experiences, questions and challenges.  We have formed a community marked by energy and appreciation; everyone has an understanding of the problems caused by the asylum system and shares experiences of a life scarred by trauma and dislocation.

PWB has no direct funding and its future is uncertain.

Please pledge your support to this project so that we can continue the life-changing work:

£10,000 per year would maintain the project and help us stay open, paying for staff time and room hire.
£12,000 would allow the service to expand its numbers and do outreach work including awareness raising and training in frontline organisations.
£15,000 would allow staff and group members to actively challenge homophobia and transphobia in the refugee and asylum-seeking community and spread awareness through the LGBT+ community.

We have lots of exciting ideas for expanding our work – we would love to create more space for the voices of our members to be heard.  We also believe it is important to train other professionals in how to work sensitively and appropriately with LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers and to campaign for change and a better system.  The group are becoming increasingly vocal and confident about speaking out within refugee communities and asserting their rights.