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Refugee Lives: The Asylum Experience

A training session on the UK asylum process, including the Refugee Convention, asylum support and this impact on refugees. This interactive training will provide an overview of the UK asylum process and how it impacts on the wellbeing of people seeking asylum in the UK.

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“I learnt a great deal more about the process of applying for refugee status and some of the challenges and frustrations of the process.  Getting the opportunity to hear personal stories was a real privilege and was very moving and thought provoking.”

– A medical student talking part in BRR training session as part of their Disability, Disadvantage and Diversity module.

Training Packages

Our training packages are designed to help your organisation understand the issues facing asylum seekers and refugees.  Drawing on the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the years we had put together 2 training packages.

Example Training Package 1: Understanding who is an asylum seeker/refugee

This course lasts for 2 hours and addresses:

  • The difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee.
  • The issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees.
  • What does it feel like to go through the asylum system?

Example Training Package 2: Understanding Asylum

This course lasts for 2 days and covers:

  • The global and national context for the asylum system.
  • An overview of the asylum process.
  • Understanding asylum support.
  • The difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee.
  • Signing and detention.
  • Understanding destitution.
  • Mental health and asylum seekers/refugees.

‘Knowledgeable, experienced, articulate and intelligent speakers, matched by their passion for the cause. Fantastic.’ – Bath Welcomes Refugees

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Training Format

The training we offer is designed to help your organisation understand the equality issues that are faced by asylum seekers and refugees. This can help you adapt your services, making them not only more accessible to asylum seekers and refugees but also more appropriate for their needs.

The packages are typically between 1.5 hours and 2 days long however, we can tailor them to  fit the time you have available. We can also adapt the content of the training programme to reflect your organisation’s needs.

Our workshops draw on the existing knowledge of participants and involve a range of activities including quizzes, presentations and scenarios. We can also include interactive Q & A sessions with refugees and asylum give first hand accounts of their experiences.


Please contact Steve on 07526354736 to discuss your training needs.

For more information, see our Training Leaflet.

‘A very worthwhile and valuable session which was very well received. – Bath Welcomes Refugees

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