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About Us

Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) was set up as a voluntary organisation in 2006 with the aim of upholding and championing the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

Since then we have provide a place of welcome where asylum seekers and refugees can meet, as well as helping them to play a full part in the life of the wider community. To compliment our direct support for people going through the asylum system we also campaign for the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Bristol Refugee Rights’ members are people currently in the UK asylum process or who have recently been granted refugee status. We aim to deliver them a ‘user-led’ service that addresses the practical, psychological and human rights needs of refugees and asylum seekers. We do this by:

  • welcoming people into a safe place;
  • empowering people to achieve an independent and productive life;
  • enabling social inclusion;
  • using information collected in the Welcome Centre to bringing public attention to the human rights aspects of asylum law.

The key values that underpin the work of Bristol Refugee Rights are:

Respect: We are committed to equality and treating everyone fairly.

Shared humanity: We are all human beings; we are all global citizens.

Integrity: We have strong moral principles and act in the interests of people we work with.

Collaboration: We build, support and encourage partnerships between individuals, teams and organisations.

Empowerment: We encourage people to be stronger, more confident and to claim their rights.

Innovation: We are adaptable, respond to the changing world around us and strive to be the best we can.

We work to sustain these values both in the Welcome Centre and in our human rights campaigning.  Visit our How We Help pages for more information about our current services or use the About Us menu to find out more about BRR.

Early Action Charter

Too often people seeking safety in the UK are forced into poverty and crisis. Cuts to legal aid mean it is often impossible to access the vital representation and advice needed to navigate our complex asylum system. Organisations that provide help to people seeking asylum have become predominately crisis driven, helping people who have already fallen into poverty and destitution.

The Early Action Charter for People Seeking Asylum Programme is an attempt to help more than 3,000 people seeking asylum to better understand the system, and thus prevent them hitting the crisis point. The programme is a three-year partnership between eight frontline organisations including Bristol Refugee Rights.

You can find out more here and here.