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Bristol Refugee Rights services

We support asylum seekers with issues including: understanding the asylum process, getting legal advice, accessing housing and financial support, accessing healthcare and education.

We work with partners to support new refugees to access housing and prevent homelessness when leaving asylum support.

Our Advice Team works with people who have not yet been granted Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection.

Our Welcome Services such as the social space, early years setting and classes are open to both asylum seekers and new refugees in the Bristol area.

Our Young People’s Immigration Project offers support to young people in the care of Bristol City Council Children’s Services with insecure immigration status. We also support young people with age disputes, challenging the age allocated to them by the Home Office

Please note: we are not able to support people outside the Bristol area, i.e. people who do not live in an area with a BS postcode.

Get Help From BRR

Helpline Monday & Tuesday 10.00-13.00
Call/ Text/ WhatsApp: 07526 352353
Please tell us your name and phone number. We will call you back when we can. If you need an interpreter, tell us which language you speak.

Advice and Information Session Wednesdays 10.00-12.00
The Wellspring Settlement Main Hall, 43 Ducie Road, Bristol, BS5 0AX
Help with your asylum accommodation, asylum support or asylum claim, Healthcare access, Form-filling and Signposting. No appointment needed. We will see people in order they arrive and you may be asked to come back for a longer appointment on another day. Find out more…

Social Space Thursdays 10.00-13.00
The Wellspring Settlement Main Hall, 43 Ducie Road, Bristol, BS5 0AX
Tea, coffee and snacks · Games · An opportunity to meet new people and make friends. No appointment needed. Find out more…

We also offer English classes, creche, family support, Pride Without Borders group, Young People’s Immigration Project. Please ask if you need help with phone credit or travel tickets.