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Human Rights Day Public Meeting: The Detention Inquiry


The Welcome Centre @ Malcolm X Community Centre, Bristol BS2 8YH

“It is mental torture. It is unjust. It has to be changed, no matter how long it will take” (A BRR member talking about being detained)

This year has seen the first ever Parliamentary Inquiry into immigration detention

Please join us on 10th December to bring attention to the Inquiry’s findings, to highlight the injustices of detention and encourage MPs to take action.

*Hear from BRR’s submission to the Inquiry – View Detention Inquiry BRR Submission

*Listen to voices from detention

*Speakers include Eiri Ohtani from Detention Forum and Melanie Griffiths from Asylum Welcome

*Drinks & snacks served

Human Rights Day Flier – Please use the postcard on the back of the flier to write to your MP to encourage them to attend the event and accept BRR’s four recommendations:

1. There should be a maximum time limit on all detentions;

2. There should be improved judicial oversight of detention;

3. Vulnerable people should never be detained;

4. All detainees should be provided with the information and support they need to understand and protect their rights.

Visit our Latest News page for more information about the campaign, to find out about the campaign to end signing at Patchway Police station and for model letters for writing to your MP about these campaigns.

NB – PRIORITY PARKING ONLY, Please contact if you require parking.