Bristol Refugee Rights



Providing a safe place to be

Provide a place that feels welcoming and safe for asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol to meet and socialise.
Support the well-being of asylum seekers and new refugees in Bristol.


Strengthening communities, facilitating social engagement

Contribute to strengthening communities in Bristol through seeking out and facilitating social engagement, educational and volunteering opportunities in the wider community for asylum seekers and refugees.

Action for Change

Protecting and promoting human rights

Work to strengthen the visibility, voice and representation of asylum seekers and refugees in local affairs in Bristol, and raise awareness of asylum and refugee issues. Promote and protect the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

BRR Blog

  • All Alone, Far Away From Home
  • For young people caught up in the UK’s asylum system, the good intentions of everyone concerned by no means guarantee a fair outcome. Find out how Bristol Refugee Rights’s Young People Project helps children who arrive in the UK on their own.

  • Escape to Prison: The Story of a Gay Man Seeking Asylum in the UK
  • There are six strange men asleep in the small, cold room with him. Each on blue plastic mats on the floor. One mutters to himself. Another snores like an irregular chainsaw. A third has night terrors that wake everyone up….

  • Storytelling at Bristol Refugee Rights
  • What stories to tell? When the Welcome Centre had to close down because of Coronavirus 19, Anna Burness, who runs the Early Years Project, suggested a weekly Zoom meeting with parents and children…. Colin discusses his choice of stories.

  • Over the rickety rackety bridge
  • Colin reports on story telling and Santa delivering presents to Early Years Project children.


Our current services

  • BRR is open and working to support our members, mostly by phone and online.
  • Our reception is open from 10-1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 07526 352353.
  • Please call this number and we can call back with an interpreter if you need it.
  • You can leave a message at any time.
  • If you are a professional please email so we can keep the line open for our members.

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