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We are looking for three people to join the Bristol Refugee & Asylum Seeker Partnership’s team.

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Stories of Resilience 2021

We are proud to feature in Stories of Resilience 2021, celebrating the collaboration of organisations supporting people in the UK's immigration system during the pandemic.

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Providing a safe place to be

Provide a place that feels welcoming and safe for asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol to meet and socialise. Support the well-being of asylum seekers and new refugees in Bristol.


Strengthening communities, facilitating social engagement

Contribute to strengthening communities in Bristol through seeking out and facilitating social engagement, educational and volunteering opportunities in the wider community for asylum seekers and refugees.

Action for Change

Protecting and promoting human rights

Work to strengthen the visibility, voice and representation of asylum seekers and refugees in local affairs in Bristol, and raise awareness of asylum and refugee issues. Promote and protect the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

BRR Blog

  • Creating long term change for those subject to ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’
  • Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) and the Refugee and Migration Policy Project (RAMP) have been working closely with the local council and individuals with lived experience of being subject to NRPF.  The aim has been to create long term systemic change…

  • Yad’s story
  • When Yad first arrived in the UK, he applied for asylum and was housed by the asylum support system in Liverpool. He got to know some members of the Kurdish community there, but they moved on to Bristol. Yad’s initial…

  • Vasile’s story
  • Vasile arrived in the UK from Romania in 2014. His hope was to work and send money back to Romania to help his family. Initially Vasile was in London. He worked various cash in hand jobs – at car washes,…


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  • Our reception is open from 10-1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 07526 352353.
  • Please call this number and we can call back with an interpreter if you need it.
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  • If you are a professional please email so we can keep the line open for our members.

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