Financial Donations

Donate to BRR

With your solidarity, we will meet the basic needs of people seeking asylum and new refugees in Bristol. We will make sure their wellbeing is improved. This could mean a roof over someone’s head, phone credit so they can reach their network of support, food for their whole family or a friendly ear to listen to their worries.

£5 could go towards taxis to hospital or a day bus ticket for reaching services.
Donate £5.
£10 could buy phone credit/data for a refugee or a person seeking asylum for a month.
Donate £10.
£30 could provide a family food for a week.
Donate £30.
£40 could provide English classes, help tackle loneliness & isolation and support people seeking asylum and new refugees to stay connected in activity groups.
Donate £40.
£50 could provide telephone interpretation for someone who needs to access services in their own language.
Donate £50.
£100 could help to access housing and an allowance or provide extensive support to a young person seeking asylum.
Donate £100.