Volunteer Roles

The fantastic team of volunteers at Bristol Refugee Rights is fundamental to the work of the organisation, and without the energy and commitment of volunteers we simply could not deliver our services.We have well over 100 volunteers, who together give more than 20 000 hours a year, making a huge difference to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol.

Our volunteer team is incredibly diverse, and includes people of all ages and backgrounds. We aim for a 50/50 split between volunteers who are BRR members – asylum seekers and refugees who use our services – and volunteers who are not members.

Members and non-member volunteers working together is one of the thing that makes our organisation so special; everyone learns from each other. People build lasting friendships and help each other through the challenges and the injustice which are both witnessed and experienced.

In the Main Hall, volunteer roles include

The Welcome Centre is a warm and welcoming community space, offering a range of services to members. Volunteers are involved in all areas of work and make the whole thing possible.

Reception: warmly welcoming BRR members, as well as providing all sorts of information to visitors, volunteers, members and staff.

New Member Interviewers: having a friendly chat with people who want to join BRR, to find out if they are eligible and how we can help. Find out more…

Destitution Support: providing both practical and pastoral support to those of our members who are destitute.

Free Shop: managing donations of clothes and other goods, creating a “shop” where members can get things that they need, for free. Find out more…

Kitchen: on Wednesdays we have snacks and hot drinks, on Thursdays we have a huge feast as well. Kitchen volunteers prepare all this…and clean up afterwards!

Arts and Crafts: running informal arts sessions, supporting people to be creative which can be very therapeutic.

Welcomers: making sure no one in the hall is feeling isolated – starting up conversations, making introductions, sharing cups of tea and playing games.

Advice Team volunteer roles:

Triage desk: the first point of call when someone needs help with their case, getting people into a waiting list for the support they need, meaning they can relax with a cup of tea while they wait.

Advocacy caseworkers: one-to-one meetings helping people navigate the complex and adversarial UK asylum process.

Admin support: helping keep the records straight.

Education volunteer roles:

Teachers: preparing and delivering English classes.

Teaching assistants: supporting teachers to deliver classes.

All levels cover: a particularly skilled ESOL teacher to deliver classes at any of the 6 levels when cover is needed.

Education Admin: keeping records of resources, attendance and other key information.

Education assessments: carrying out short tests to asses new students’ levels of English.

Computer teacher: Working with a team of teachers to support students to improve their computer skills.

Crèche volunteer roles:

Crèche volunteers: helping crèche staff to create a safe, welcoming and healthy place for young children of BRR members.

Crèche liaison: working alongside the crèche staff to create a safe area in the main hall or Harriet Tubman room during lunch, where families can eat their meal.

Crèche volunteers will not be working without supervision from staff and require an enhanced DBS check.

Volunteer interpreters:

We also have our own team of community interpreters for all the main languages spoken by our members, including Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Mandarin, Somali, Tamil, Tigrinya and Urdu, among others! These volunteers are vital in all areas of BRR work.

Volunteer With Us

We are not currently recruiting volunteers.

So as to be able to provide quality training and support we recruit new volunteers in groups, usually two or three times each year.

If you would like us to email you when we next recruit, please register your interest by filling out the form below.