Creating long term change for those subject to ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’

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Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) and the Refugee and Migration Policy Project (RAMP) have been working closely with the local council and individuals with lived experience of being subject to NRPF.  The aim has been to create long term systemic change for those subject to NRPF conditions in Bristol, so as to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people don’t fall through the cracks.

From this work we have developed a Bristol Model which outlines our vision for what support is needed for those subject to NRPF in our city. The model is based on lived experiences, conversations with professionals and our expertise. It sets out what we believe all individuals subject to NRPF in our city should be entitled to. Overall the Bristol Model aims to provide people with the safety net they need to survive and thrive despite their NRPF status and to ensure that no-one in Bristol experiences destitution or homelessness.  The Bristol Model is based around 4 key principles:

  • Design-out Destitution. People must have access to basic goods needed to survive and thrive. This includes food, medicine, sanitary and washing facilities, the means to connect with people digitally and access to public transport.
  • A Safe Place to Stay.  People must have access to accommodation which is safe and secure and which provides them with privacy and dignity.
  • Informed and Supported. People must have access to appropriate and specialist legal advice. People must also have access to holistic social and welfare support where needed, and support into employment where they are legally allowed to work.
  • Included and Involved. People must have the opportunity to tell their story where they choose to, and to be actively involved in the design of relevant support services and advocacy activity.

A number of voluntary and statutory organisations in Bristol including officers from Bristol Council and Bristol’s mayor have signed up to this model, pledging their support for this vision of a Bristol that includes all. It is also in line with Bristol’s pledge as a City of Sanctuary to end destitution.

There is already a lot of good practise in the city which is working towards these principles: the aim of this model is to bring together good practice and close the gaps.  However there is much more to be done if we want to make this model a reality for all Bristolians who are subject to NRPF. We continue to work with the Council and other organisations to create long term change to improve the lives of our members subject to NRPF.

To read our Policy Recommendations to Bristol City Council and learn more about the Bristol Model, visit our Campaigning page

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