Bristol Refugee Rights (BRR) and the Refugee and Migration Policy Project (RAMP) have been working closely with the local council and individuals with lived experience of being subject to NRPF.  The aim has been to create long term systemic change for those subject to NRPF conditions in Bristol, so as to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people don’t fall through the cracks.  You can read more about the project in our blog

Recently, we have developed a set of Policy Recommendations in the form of an NRPF Briefing Paper and are excited to be working closely with RAMP and Bristol City Council to support these recommendations being adopted in Bristol.

You can view the Bristol Model, referred to in the Briefing paper here


We support many national campaigns, including

JCWI call for protection for migrants in relation to Coronavirus.

NACCOM call for protection for asylum seekers in relation to Coronavirus.

Small charities coalition letter urging support for charities.

Migrant Rights letter to Local Authorities – Urgent action needed to support vulnerable migrants during the Covid-19 crisis.