Funders and Partnerships

Our Funders

We are currently funded by:

AB Charitable                                                     BBC Children in Need

Bristol City Council                                             Big Give

Eddy Byers Scholarship                                     Garfield Weston Foundation

John James Bristol Foundation                          Lloyds Foundation for England and Wales

National Lottery Community Fund

Nationwide Community Fund                              Nisbet Trust

People’s Postcode Lottery                                  Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Santander Foundation                                        Society of Merchant Venturers

St Stephens and St John’s Church                     Quartet

We also receive funding from trusts and foundations who wish to remain anonymous.  We are extremely grateful for all of the support we have received past and present.

If you would like to contribute please visit the Financial Donations page and the Free Shop page.


From the early days we have worked closely with other refugee services – Refugee Women of Bristol; Refugee Action.  Over time, a number of new services evolved out of BRR and we have been able to maintain a close relationship with them – Bristol Signing Support; Bristol Hospitality Network.

In more recent years we have entered into funded partnerships locally (e.g. Bristol Impact Fund partnership with Refugee Women of Bristol and Borderlands) and nationally (e.g. Refugee Action lead partnership around the Early Action Charter).

In 2019 we have developed a new Strategic Plan for the next 3 years.  Our Partnership Strategy sets out the reasons why partnerships play an important role in the Strategic Plan and our detailed plans for the next 3 years.

What can BRR offer to partners?

Bristol Refugee Rights works to fulfil our vision:

A society where refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are welcomed, feel safe, live free of poverty and are able to positively build their lives.  A society where everyone’s rights and entitlements are respected. 

We do this through the delivery of unique, direct services to asylum seekers, refugees and some other migrants.  However, we recognise that we are stronger when we work together and that through collaboration, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants have better experiences, are treated better and have better long term outcomes.  For this reason, we want to work together.

We are an organisation with strong values; here is what we offer our partnerships:

–       Value #1 Respect: We are committed to equality and treating everyone fairly. 

We strive to be member led and have good relationships with established refugee and asylum communities locally.

–       Value #2 Shared humanity: We are all human beings; we are all global citizens. 

We have knowledge of issues and needs of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants; we have experience.

–       Value #3 Integrity: We have strong moral principles and act in the interests of people we work with. 

We are realistic about the challenges of taking on a new project; we have capacity; we do what we say we will; we keep you informed.

–       Value #4 Collaboration: We build, support and encourage partnerships between individuals, teams and organisations.

We have local knowledge, understanding of local services, a good understanding of the local authority and connections nationally.

–       Value #5 Empowerment: We encourage people to be stronger, more confident and to claim their rights. 

We work together.  We value the contribution each person makes.  Our members successes are testament to our achievements.

–       Value #6 Innovation: We are adaptable, respond to the changing world around us and strive to be the best we can. 

We are well established, strategic and know our direction; we learn from our impact monitoring and evaluation; we are willing to try new things and support new ideas.

Please get in touch if, after reading the strategy, you would like to discuss working with us.