Main Office: 0117 9145480
Advice & Advocacy Referrals: 0117 954 0446


Our Vision

Everybody coming to Bristol to seek sanctuary is welcomed and treated with dignity and respect.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to welcome asylum seekers and refugees in Bristol.

Together we create a place of solidarity and trust.

We challenge the injustices that we experience and witness in the UK.

Learning from each other we develop partnerships and links with the wider community to promote equality of opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees.

Our Goals

Safety – We offer a unique community hub for transforming the lives of those seeking asylum; we are a key partner in Bristol being a City of Sanctuary.

Solidarity – We celebrate equality and diversity, learn from each other and develop new understanding and through this promote community cohesion and mutual respect.

Action for Change – We build grassroots movements to break down segregation, uphold and defend human rights and actively campaign on issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees.  We support asylum seekers and refugees to utilise their skills and take a full and active part in the community of Bristol.

How do we hope to achieve our Mission Statement and Goals?

Our Business Plan, which sets out how we hope to achieve, our Mission Statement and Goals, can be found here.


BRR’s constitution can be read here – Simplified Constitution