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Young People’s Immigration Project

Sadly, many child refugees become separated from their parents. Sometimes parents in dangerous situations make the impossible decision to send their children away, hoping they will find safety, perhaps because it is too difficult or dangerous for the whole family to travel.

Our Young People’s Immigration Project was set up to support young asylum seekers and other migrants in the care of Bristol City Council. We saw that a lack of expertise was leading to poor outcomes for young people, sometimes resulting in crises when they left care. We wanted to improve the support these children get, by offering advice and advocacy as well as training and support to people caring for young migrants. 

We also support young people who have been given the wrong age by the Home Office. In most cases we see these are children who are being treated as adults, often they are homeless or in unsafe accommodation. We work closely with social workers and lawyers to resolve these dangerous situations and ensure these young people get safe and appropriate accommodation.

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For Professionals

We chair Bristol’s Young People’s Immigration Forum – a quarterly meeting for statutory and voluntary agencies who support young people with insecure immigration status.

The Young People’s Immigration Project has developed a Partnership with Bristol City Council’s Through Care Team to support their work with Looked After Children and Care Leavers who are subject to immigration control.

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